Ida was always bursting with ideas and more or less successful solutions to everyday problems. She registered 2734 inventions in her records and obtained worldwide patents for four of them.
She had a unique appearance with a slightly underdeveloped jaw and two very large front teeth.
She never married or had children, but died peacefully, surrounded by good friends from “The Inventor’s Lodge”, of which she was a member throughout her adult life.
Ida lived to be 83 years old.

The inspiration for these paintings comes from the Ma’nene ceremony in Indonesia, where families open family graves, bring out their dead relatives, dress them in nice clothes, celebrate the rice harvest with them and take pictures with them before putting them back in their graves. Honoring one’s ancestors in this way is believed to bring good luck.
This ceremony seems very far-fetched in our Western culture, but it inspired me to create a series of “posthumous portraits”.
What if we took portrait photos of our deceased relatives?
Could we sense their past lives and living personalities in them?